Every Friday we’ll set a new ‘Fridoodle Challenge’ based on a random phrase. The challenge is to produce a masterpiece (or something quite good) inside a minute. Once your work of art is complete (or even if it’s not quite finished) submit it to the current Fridoodle gallery using the upload box below, where you can check out and comment on the other submissions.

For each challenge, we’ll pick our favourite and give it pride of place in the ‘Fridoodle’ hall of fame.

The subject for challenge #1 is Bad Hair Day.

The rules:

You have a maximum of one minute to produce your masterpiece.
Don’t worry if it’s total crap, just have another go.

But don’t cheat, after all that’s the kind of thing Trump would do!

The countdown will start after you click GO.

To try again click GO again.

When your doodle is done upload it HERE

Fridoodles Hall of Fame

#1 Bad Hair Day

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